Group Spanish Classes

Group Spanish Lessons

We don’t create the groups since we are not a language school. Students pair themselves to take lessons and the companies contact us to teach them at their facilities.

Conversational Spanish Lessons

This course is directed to people who have already reached a conversational level or the ones who can speak Spanish but want to become more fluent and practice their skills.

The goal is to have meaningful conversations while learning and speaking Spanish in a casual environment. This is a great opportunity to practice you language skills and have a good time at a low cost.

All meetings are held in social environments like museums, coffee, shops, restaurants, or movie theaters. (Movies in Spanish).

Corporate Spanish Lessons

We offer Spanish lessons for corporate business that want to break the language barrier for their employees. Our years of experience make us ideal for teaching Spanish to professionals, making sure they understand Spanish for business. Our Spanish Lessons solution can be customized to meet your corporate needs. In today’s business world, Spanish is becoming more important.


Also, check our One on One Spanish classes options!

Spanish Quiz

Spanish Quiz

Rate you Spanish language skills with our small quiz!
You will be asked 20 questions