Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish Immersion Program in Lima, Peru

Spanish in Lima, Perú – No Esperes más, Vívelo!

Spanish Lessons 4 You is a group of professional, experienced and enthusiastic instructors who strongly believe that language and culture are closely connected; reason that moved us to offer our students the opportunity to experience Spanish lessons in Lima, Perú and get immersed in the Latin Culture with the only purpose to live the language!

Our goal is to help you build the skills and concepts that you need to feel comfortable understanding others and making yourself understood in any Spanish-speaking environment and to enjoy the pleasure of knowing the amazing culture that Perú has to offer.

Spanish Lessons 4 You Immersion Program in Lima, Perú specializes in one on one personalized lessons, small group’s lessons and conversation Lessons. Our instructors encourage an atmosphere of confidence and fun during the lesson sessions, offering patient support and focusing on dynamic conversation exercises to allow students maximum speaking time.

The program offers courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students in Spanish. We are a not a traditional Institute we are Spanish Language Program that believes in a practical and interactive rather than theory and traditional (classroom setting) based methods. The courses are customized based on our student’s needs and are held in a warm and friendly atmosphere to guarantee successful and enjoyable results, coffee shops, small restaurants and books stores are our favorite spots and at the same time exposing our students to different situations in the city to practice the language.

These are our Lessons Options:

One to one classes

We will design and prepare a personalized plan for our students, beginners to advanced, focusing on conversation and useful language to help them start practicing Spanish since the first lesson day. Our students can choose the hour package that most suits their schedule. We have different hour packages in the morning or afternoon. If you are looking for tailored approach this is the best option for you. We highly recommend 20 hours lessons per week for best results.

Small Group lesson

You may pair with a friend or a relative to help each other or join other students. These small groups are the best way to save money while still having the benefit of a personalized lesson. Created for the students that are interested in learn fast in a short stay term. We offer regular, intensive and super intensive programs with no more than 4 people per class.


Especially for students with previous Spanish knowledge, we recommend this class to an intermediate level in order to obtain maximum benefit from the lessons. This course will help you to improve your conversation skills.

We also organize Social and Cultural activities among our students to make sure that they learn about our culture, traditions and know our city.

  • Music nights
  • Salsa lessons
  • City tours
  • Museum visits
  • Yoga lessons
  • Movies nights
  • Cooking Lessons


Our rates are very affordable and competitive with other Spanish lessons programs. Please contact us for further information.


We have a selected number of Hotels and hostels located in one of the best and safest areas in Lima, Miraflores. We will assist our students in selecting the best accommodation for them making sure that they get the best rates.

Time to enroll

It is better to enroll at least 4 weeks in advance. If this is not possible, we can make arrangements with just a few days advance notice.